The Theory of Everything 2014

The Theory of Everything is the extraordinary story of one of the world’s greatest living minds, the renowned astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, who falls deeply in love with fellow Cambridge student Jane Wilde.

Chaos Theory 2008

Frank Allen, a professional speaker who lectures on time management has a perfectly ordered and scheduled life, down to the minute. When his wife sets his clock forward 10 minutes as a joke, his day is thrown off. Deciding that his strictly ordered life has done him little good, he begins to make multiple choice index cards, choosing one at random and doing what is written on the card.

The Domino Principle 1977

Tucker is a chronic underachiever and a loser. A Vietnam war veteran who just can't seem to keep out of trouble, in the years since his discharge. The only thing he got out of the war was his skill with a rifle. Now, serving a long stretch in prison for murder, he has hit rock-bottom. But one day a man in a three-piece suit visits him in prison, a man he has never seen before, and informs him that he can walk out of prison a free man if he will shoot someone for them, no questions asked.

Anatomy of Deception 2014

A district attorney who, tapped to replace the outgoing mayor, is stalked by a man who engineers her fall from grace, leading her to push back and beat him at his own game.

Theory of Sets 1991

Made entirely on Roger Wagner's HyperStudio software, Chris Marker explores set theory, using Noah's Ark as an example.

Tiger Theory 2016

The last drop for Jan's resolution is the voluntary death of his father-in-law, whose strength and patience ran dry. Grandma made decisions about Grandpa's life, old age as well as the funeral. Jan is sure that he and his wife Olga are on the same route. He recalls his past life when he used to have his own will and dreams and he wants to live again with dignity and freedom. He longs to control his own life again. And his solution is escape from the present life. In this movie we watch, in parallel ,the fates of Jan's married daughters Olinka and Alenka and his sons-in-law Erik and Pepík.

Den store gav-tyv 1956

Crime writer Rodian moves into a hotel which used to be the hideout for the thief Mathisen and his gang. However, when Rodian has gone to bed and fallen asleep, Mathisen reads the writer's manuscripts and copies the fictional crimes. This gets Rodian in trouble...

The Long Summer of Theory 2017

"What is to be done?" three women with artistic and creative professions in temporary living conditions are wondering. They are sharing a flat in an old building close to Berlin Central Station. The area is one of the city's last remaining gaps between buildings. They decide to end their flat share as soon as the first trenches will be dug. With mixed feelings they are heading towards the time when their spontaneous life comes to an end, which means they have to make one or more (life) decisions eventually. The current flat is a symbol for their own life scripts so far: unformed and all bets are off but it already starts to be uncomfortable. They spend the remaining days in their flat with friends, celebrations, discussions and the strong feeling for the dawning of a new era.

Frame 313: The JFK Assassination Theories 2008

Frame 313 examines several theories that have been offered about who was responsible for the JFK Assassination including the single bullet theory, the CIA/Mafia theory, the Soviet Union/KGB theory, the Mafia hit theory, and the CIA/Anti-Castro theory.

Steve Vai: Visual Sound Theories 2007

Visual Sound Theories consistes of orchestral music and other rich compostional pieces that Steve has written. Vai was commissioned to compose an hour of music for the Metropole Orkest in Holland but ended up putting together an exceptional two hours of quality work. The first CD of this double disc masterpiece has Steve conducting while the second CD contains conpositions of him playing guitar with the Orchestra. This new album is sure to impress the masses as it highlights some of Steve Vai's best work.

Alternative Theories of UFO Origins 2008

The CE4 Research Conference Contact: The Evidence, The Message The 2008 Roswell UFO Festival Conference Greg Bishop has been studying UFOs and the paranormal for most of his life. His first article on the subject was published in 1988. In his book Project Beta: The Story of Paul Bennewitz, National Security, and the Creation of a Modern UFO Myth (2005 Simon & Schuster/ Pocket Books) he wrote about a government campaign of disinformation perpetrated against an unsuspecting U.S. citizen. The no-man's land between the extremes of wide-eyed belief and closed-minded debunkery has fascinated Greg and led to the birth of a magazine he co-founded called The Excluded Middle, which was a journal of UFOs, conspiracy research, psychedelia and new science

Die Grundlagen der Einsteinschen Relativitäts-Theorie 1922

"Produced by Colonna-Film, Berlin, directed by (Professor) Hanns Walter Kornblum, with the collaboration of Dr. Otto Buek, Prof. Dr. Fanta (Prag), Prof. Dr. Rudolf Laemmel (Zürich), Prof. Dr. G. F. Nicolai. Censured: 30. 3. 1922, 2.045 m, released in March 1922.

La théorie du K.O. 2014

Carl Hébert is a young and recently widowed father trying to find equilibrium in his life. But raising two children on his own-- a disobedient daughter whose skirts are shorter than her attention span, and a son who is gifted and artistic-- is enough to throw anyone off kilter. Add to this a lack of income and a grandfather, Carol, a failed military type who believes he is the family’s General, and you have the perfect recipe for a down and out knockout. But what if Carl worked out the kinks in his life in a wrestling ring? Wrestlers trade more than just blows and it could help refill his empty wallet. With the not always judicious advice of his new wrestler friends, Carl Hebert attempts to find meaning in his new life.

Astronomy: Observations and Theories

Astronomy: Observations and Theories is a documentary television series that aired for one season in from 2005 to 2006. It consists of 20 twenty-eight minute episodes which are also called lessons and are most often viewed on college-run public television stations. The series was directed by Peter Berkow, co-produced by Peter Berkow and Kris Koenig, with Laurie Melby and Dan Jones serving as Executive Producers and Steve Chollet as associate producer. The executive production company was Coast Learning Systems and is affiliated with Coastline Community College. The series was developed under the supervision of a National Academic Advisory team representing community colleges and universities all over the United States. Cinematographers include Anita Berkow and Kris Koenig. Film editing by Steve Chollet and Bruce Coykendall, and series writing credits go to Kris Koenig. Original music for Astronomy: Observations and Theories is by Scott Dugdale of WaveGroup Sound.

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